Leather Goods Care

Care for your leather item doesn't require much work at all.  Most of the leathers we use are tanned with oils and waxes that keep it pretty well protected from the elements. Conditioning the leather about every year is recommended to help further protect it from the everyday use, elements, drying and cracking.  Chamberlain's Leather Milk is a quality product but just about any leather conditioner you find will do the trick. It may slightly darken the leather and we recommend that you test any product in an unnoticeable area first.

Your leather may mark/scratch/scuff up from normal use.  A lot of people enjoy those wear marks as it adds character and uniqueness to their bag.  If you would like to clean the leather and to try and remove some of those marks, a few tips are listed below.

-- Use a damp clean cloth, wipe over and lightly buff the leather and any areas with small marks.  The leather may darken slightly from the small amount of moisture but will return to its normal color once it dries.

-- Use a leather conditioner, as mentioned above.  Test in a hidden area before applying to the entire bag as this may darken the color of the leather slightly but over time it will start to lighten to the original color.  Apply to a clean cloth and wipe over the entire item buffing over the area with scratches to minimize them.


Waxed Canvas Care

Waxed canvas is a rugged and durable material that wears similar to leather overtime. Do not machine wash or dry clean as this will strip the fabric of the waxes.  Using a soft brush or a scrub sponge, lightly brush/scrub over any spots.  You can also apply cold water to spots and lightly scrub as well.  If necessary you can use a mild soap or wax canvas cleaner.  Let the bag air dry after cleaning with any water.  After being in the rain or exposed to water you may see some water spots on the fabric.  To remove those take a hair dryer and apply a little heat to the spots you wish to get rid of.

You can re-wax your bag down the road if you wish to do so and recommend using Otter Wax products to do so.


If you have any other questions about the care of your product, please don't hesitate to contact us.